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General Information

Free tutoring and materials are available to help students develop study skills and plans, manage their time, stay organized, learn and review course material, develop written and critical thinking skills, practice problem-solving, and learn how to study "smarter" (not harder) in a differentiated, engaged, and active manner.

ALL Success Center Tutors can help students navigate Canvas and several can help with Google Docs/Forms/Sheets, Microsoft Office, Zoom and with Basic I.T. assistance. Details on when drop-in help is available can be found on the Tutor Schedule page, accessible via the left column menu on this page. If you need help understanding the basics of Canvas, please refer to the Student QuickGuide.


Free Tutoring for All WVC Students

Get Help Online 7 Days a Week

  1. Click on the Success Center Support shell on your
  2. Read the “Welcome to Tutoring” Announcement
  3. Click on Modules for daily tutoring schedules with links to tutors
  4. Drop in on a Tutor’s Zoom meeting and request help

In-Person Tutoring Now Available

See schedule for updated tutor hours in North Walk Pavilion 2.

  • The Success Center is located in North Walk Pavilion 1-3 during the library renovation (2022-2025).
  • Tutoring is available online, in person, and in hybrid modalities.
  • For access to Zoom tutoring and other support materials, click on "Success Center Support" via your Canvas Dashboard.
  • Please read the "Welcome" announcement in our Canvas space for more information on our service, appointments, and resources.
  • Linked on the left-column menu on our website, check the "Tutor Schedule" page for available drop–in times; check back regularly, as the schedule expands through mid-semester.

In order to access the Success Center tutors and services, click on "Success Center Support" on the Dashboard in Canvas. (Please read the "Welcome!" announcement first to acquaint yourself with our space.)

You must be a currently registered West Valley student in order to receive free tutoring and access our resources in Canvas. As such, you will automatically be added to this shell every semester in which you're enrolled at West Valley. 

We will assist you in improving your skills, gaining confidence in your abilities, and getting your questions answered. Our goal for you is to become empowered in your own abilities and to strengthen them as you work with others.

You must attend all of your classes. A tutor will not read the textbook for you, nor do your homework for you. Remember that your instructor is the final authority, and that the tutors are not instructors.

Get help early AND frequently. Studies show that students who get regular assistance throughout the semester–rather than at the last minute–can significantly improve their grades.

Individual weekly appointments are available on a limited basis and for students who qualify for additional accommodations (through DESP, EOP&S, and TRIO). If you have an appointment, you must be on time! If you arrive more than 15 minutes late or fail to cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance, it can count as a "NO-SHOW" (un-excused absence); after two no–shows, your weekly appointment may be cancelled. Please email Vida Sabouri at vida.sabouriFREEWEST_VALLEY at least 24 hours ahead if you cannot make it to your appointment, or if you are running late.

Study Groups are an excellent way to improve comprehension of the class materials, test one's knowledge, and effectively collaborate with classmates, but are sometimes hard to create and/or run: let us help! Tutors know how to get groups focused on the material, to use each other as resources, to create review materials, and to effectively study and learn course material in an engaging, meaningful, and fun way! If at least three students from a class need assistance, we can work with you to schedule a weekly appointment. Once your group is formed and you have mutually available times in mind, please contact Jen Wagner at jennifer.wagnerFREEWEST_VALLEY or Vida Sabouri at vida.sabouriFREEWEST_VALLEY to inquire about scheduling an appointment. 

Please prepare for your tutoring session. Adequate preparation includes regular class attendance and bringing your textbook (along with your notes, handouts, and questions) to the tutoring session.

We strive to meet as many students' needs as possible. Oftentimes, this means that tutors may be working with other students during their drop-in hours and you may have to wait to receive help. Thanks in advance for your patience! If you have a complaint, please email Jen Wagner or Vida Sabouri.