Welcome to Starfish

  • Offers easy access through WVC Go app, WVC home page tab or MyPortal.
  • Enables instructors, counselors and advisors to send alerts if there are concerns about academic performance, “kudos” to acknowledge good performance and referrals to additional support services.
  • Enables online appointment scheduling with instructors.
  • Provides students with a view of their “Success Network” in one place—including information about current instructors and advisors.
  • Includes a list of all student support offices that can help students.
How to Schedule A Counseling Appointment
Starfish for Students

°IJͼ is using Starfish for:

  • Progress Check-in
  • Referrals
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Student Education Planning
  • You can also use Starfish to connect with resources at other colleges within State Center Community College District.

As a student, Starfish creates a success network of communication that helps ensure you are connected and that the right people are able to provide you with assistance as needed!

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