Step 4. Register

Register for Classes that Meet Your Goals

1. Search for Classes
Laptop on desk with hands and notebook

Use our online tool to find available classes. (NOTE: Focus your search using filters found under “More Options.”)

A quick reminder – we offer classes in a variety of modalities, including in person, hyflex, online asynchronous and online synchronous. See full descriptions of each modality.

2. Submit Pre-Requisites for Classes (if needed)
Keyboard with pink button for action required

If a course you plan to register for has pre-requisites you have met at another school (or through testing), you can complete this form to submit unofficial copies of your transcript or AP scores.

For example, if you wanted to take CHEM 001A (General Chemistry) you could meet the chemistry pre-requisite by uploading an unofficial copy of a high school transcript which lists a one-year completed chemistry class.

3. Register for Classes

Congratulations! You are now ready to register. You can log into your WVC portal and select “Registration.”

Registration Errors

When you enroll in BIOL 010, you must also enroll in a BIOL 010L (lab) at the SAME time. You need to select both courses and submit both for registration at the same time.

You will need to complete “My Placements” within your portal, either selecting, “I accept” or completing the Self Guided Placement tool.

A co-requisite means that the course requires you to enroll in a second course. For example, some sections of MATH 001 require a student is also enrolled in MATH 001C, a support class. You will need to register for both of these classes at the same time, to prevent getting an error.

Waitlist Information

A waitlist keeps track of students who are waiting to register for a course that is full. If a seat becomes available in the course, the student will be notified via their West Valley email and will have 48 hours from the time of notification to register for the course. (Be sure to check your email regularly.)

Waitlists are active until the first class meeting day. If a seat does not become available while you are on the waitlist, you can contact the instructor on the first day of the term and inquire about an “Add Code.”

Before you waitlist:

  • Make sure all holds are cleared on your student account and your account is in good standing.
  • Complete a prerequisite verification for the course you want to join (if needed).
  • Ensure you have activated your email account.

User Guide

  • (2-minute video)

Add Codes

An add code is an alpha numeric code that will allow you to register for a course once it has started.

Add codes are issued by instructors and only become active when the course starts.

Prior to the 1st class meeting, students on the waitlist receive priority. Once the course starts, students with add codes receive priority.

To request an add code, please contact the course instructor by email. When contacting the instructor, please be sure to include your name, ID number and course CRN#.

Add codes are alpha numeric. Students are encouraged to copy/paste the number into their registration portal.

If you are experiencing difficulty using an add code, try testing combinations where the letter “O” can be used in place of the number “zero” or the letter “I” can be used in place of the number “1.”

If you need additional assistance, please contact Admissions.

User Guides

Course Overload Request (18+ units)

Students wanting to take more than 18 units must meet with a counselor to review their Ed Plan and request a course overload waiver. If approved, your counselor will email the Admissions office at wvc.admissionsFREEWEST_VALLEY with the following information:

  • Subject: Course Overload Approval
  • Student Name: Last Name, First Name
  • Student ID Number: G0#
  • Request: Please increase the number of units to [insert # of units] for the [insert Fall, Spring, etc.] term.
  • Verification of Student Identity: I confirm that I have viewed a copy of the student's ID before making this request.