Early Admissions (EA) Orientation

Smiling students sitting on the ground

Complete these two free steps for transfer success.

  1. Complete the , a 30 – 60 minute online orientation. You will need to login as a student, so you receive credit for completing this step. You will use your MyWVM Username and password – the default password is Wvm@mmddyy (where mmddyy are the digits of your birthdate).
  2. Sign up for and attend a 5-hour in-person Welcome Onboard Workshop (WOW). During the workshop, you will:
    • Understand the basics of transfer pathways
    • Meet with a counselor
    • Register for classes
    • Fulfill requirements for Community Grant (Free Tuition)

Additional Orientation Options

NOTE: All these orientations fulfill the orientation requirement for Community Grant (Free Tuition)!

Do you have an IEP or 504 in high school?

Attend the DESP’s “On-to-College” EA Orientation.

Are you a West Valley Recruited Athlete?

regarding the special Athletic EA Orientation.