Outreach helps introduce you to our campus and to people who can help you plan for college, tell you about admission requirements, degree and certificate programs, guaranteed transfer programs, financial aid, campus life, student services - everything you need to feel comfortable at West Valley.

Because we work so closely with high school counselors, we visit high schools frequently, giving workshop presentations to students like you:

  • What to expect from college
  • How to plan an academic schedule
  • How to enroll in college classes while still in high school
  • Schedule time for you and your family to tour our beautiful campus, have a cup of coffee and hang out for a while.

You may notice our presence at community events. That's because we work with local organizations to offer college planning and financial aid workshops and tours for organization members whose circumstances have prevented them from pursuing their educational goals. Organizations interested in our services should email%20wvc.outreachFREEWEST_VALLEY

We don't just help incoming students, we help existing students too, by giving classroom presentations and sharing information at on-campus events throughout the year. You're always welcome to stop by our office with questions or needs.